Voices of Nature 2020 – National Exhibition

Earth Arts Curator

  • Marian Drew
  • James K Lee (assistant curator)

AELA is excited to present works by members of the AELA Earth Arts Collective and Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology in the “Voices of Nature 2020” National Exhibition, held at Vacant Assembly in West End, Brisbane in October 2020.

‘Voices of Nature 2020’ aims to encourage the exploration of the concepts of voice, standing, representation, and agency of the natural world within human governance systems. Rights of Nature is grounded in the recognition that humanity is just one member of the wider Earth community, and that we have evolved with, and are dependent upon, a healthy, interconnected web of life on Earth.

Voices of Nature 2020 brings together acoustic ecology and visual art communities to explore ways of representing nature’s voice(s). The exhibition is part of the biennial Rights of Nature week, hosted by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and is presented in partnership with the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology (AFAE). Other events celebrating the Rights of Nature week include AELA’s  International Earth Laws Conference – “Earth Laws Asia Pacific: Earth, Sea, Fire, Spirit” (October 14 -16)  and the Voices of Nature Public Lecture Series, being hosted from August to October 2020.


Exhibiting artists include: Leah Barclay, Renata Buziak, Tanja Brueggemann, Vicki Kelleher, Aviva Reed, Kay Lawrence, James K. Lee, Merete Megarrity, Vivienne Glance, Vicki Hallett, Peter Cameron, Michele England.

The exhibition included works from practitioners from around Australia (and overseas!) including: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Works include multimedia installations, soundscapes, paintings, sculptures and textiles. Artists are using a range of strategies that include visual and acoustic recordings of natural processes, recycling of materials, translating natural sounds into visual form, poetic interpretation and deepening relations with location through field recordings and art production.


Vacant Assembly
266 Montague Road, West End


Thurs 15th October – Sat 17th October 10am – 4pm
Sun 18th October 12 – 5pm


[email protected]

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