Voices of Nature 2020

“Voices of Nature 2020” is a national arts program, organised by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), as part of its biennial celebration of the Rights of Nature in Australia, in October 2020.


“Voices of Nature 2020” invites exploration of the concepts of ‘voice’, ‘standing’, ‘representation’, and ‘agency’ of the natural world within human governance systems. The theme also promotes AELA’s desire to focus on sound art and acoustic ecology as key mediums for communicating and exploring nature’s voice/s.

Read more about the themes of the arts program here.


AELA is excited to be partnering with the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology (AFAE) to generate dynamic, cross-disciplinary interactions and projects for “Voices of Nature 2020”. And we look forward to engaging with the science, technology, art, wonder, and acoustic expertise of the AFAE members.

AELA is proud to be working with Arts Front on the Voices of Nature 2020 program, to bring deeper connectivity, collaborative possibilities, and impact reporting across AELA’s Earth Arts Collective and the wider, Australian arts and cultural sector.


Members of AELA’s Earth Arts Collective and the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology will be working independently and in collaboration, to share their practice and vision for the Voices of Nature. More details about all participating artists will be available soon.


AELA’s “Voices of Nature 2020” program includes our arts program and Earth laws activities and events during the week from 12-17 October 2020, as follows:

  • Virtual Gallery
    • Artists and creatives are invited to share their work on AELA’s “Virtual Gallery” anytime in the lead up to (and including) the Rights of Nature week, 12-17 October 2020. Visit the Virtual Gallery 2020 webpage to find out how to participate.
  • Local Events
    • Everyone around Australia – including artists and creatives, community groups, school groups and interested members of the community – is invited to host art exhibitions, plays, storytelling sessions, performances, ‘creative conversations’ and other creative events to celebrate the Rights of Nature in 2020. Visit the Local Events page to find out how to participate.


For more information, please email: [email protected]

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