Voices of Nature 2020 Local Events

AELA is passionate about encouraging communities around Australia to connect with “Voices of Nature 2020”.

Artists and creatives, community groups, school groups and interested members of the community are invited to host art exhibitions, sound walks, plays, storytelling sessions, performances, ‘creative conversations’ (e.g., dinner parties, BBQs) and other creative events to celebrate the Rights of Nature in 2020.

“Voices of Nature 2020” has been designed to promote cultural engagement with the emerging, global, Rights of Nature movement, and to celebrate the Australian Peoples’ Tribunal (APT) for Community and Nature’s Rights, to be held in Brisbane in October, 2020.  AELA’s intention is to blend the creative re-interpretation of environmental governance with cultural responses to the rights of the natural world to exist, thrive and evolve. Read more about the Australian Peoples’ Tribunal for Community and Nature’s Rights

Expression of Interest – to host a “Voices of Nature” Local Event in your town or community

  1. Please read about the themes of Voices of Nature 2020. All Voices of Nature 2020 creative works and Local Events need to incorporate one or more of the  inter-connected themes of Voices of Nature 2020.
  2. Then please submit an Expression of Interest form, telling us about the event/s you’d like to host, and explaining how they connect with the themes of Voices of Nature 2020.

What AELA will provide

All events endorsed by AELA for Voices of Nature 2020 are self-hosted and self-funded events, with AELA providing the following support:

  • An Earth Arts Curator to help with information and promotion
  • Information about the Rights of Nature and the Australian Peoples’ Tribunal
  • Website and social media space for promoting exhibitions and events
  • Promotional support of all Voices of Nature 2020 events through e-newsletters and social media

All Local Events will be promoted on our website.

AELA is proud to be working with Arts Front on the Voices of Nature 2020 program, to bring deeper connectivity, collaborative possibilities, and impact reporting across AELA’s Earth Arts Collective and the wider, Australian arts and cultural sector.


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