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Earthwords & Artlings: Tipping Points

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Tipping Points Authors and Artists

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Mark Allen

Mark is the founder of Town Planning Rebellion and has helped to develop the Holistic Activism movement. As well as writing and running workshops, Mark has recently taken to stand-up comedy as an alternative method of communicating the need for systemic change. He is also an occasional poet and songwriter, having released material with Counting Backwards.

Josephine Browne

Bio available soon!

Emelia C

Emelia is a passionate environmental lawyer with a background in environmental earth science. Emelia is a co-author of a policy brief on climate security, displacement and human rights. She is now exploring the intersection of nature and the human experience through creative avenues.

Peter Cameron

Largely self-taught, I’ve been painting and sculpting most of my life. Through actively engaging the imagination in the arts, we can learn about the reciprocal nature of diverse sense perceptions. Working ‘en plein air’ then becomes a realising of relational ontology.

I’ve produced around 20 solo exhibitions and live on Garigal country, Sydney.

Yi-Hung Chen

意閎 (Yi-Hung) is an open doorway to meanings and articulations. They dwell gratefully as a Taiwanese settler upon unceded Turrbal lands. They are an ecologist/anthropologist in-training who strive to build good relations.

kerryn coombs-valeontis

Kerryn is the founder of Eartheart online Ecotherapy study, and co-author of Nature Heals An Introduction to Nature-based therapy in Australia and New Zealand. (2019 Bad Apple) She collates Ecopoiesis an online zine, and has independently published her first collection of poetry  (in parentheses) in 2021. She conducts poetry therapy for eco-anxiety/grief and terrafurie (earthrage) online.

Marian Drew

Marian Drew lives in Brisbane Australia, and is currently Adjunct Associate Professor
at Queensland College of Art, Griffi th University and PhD candidate at the Canberra
School of Art and Design, Australian National University. She was Queensland College
of Art (QCA) Director of the Photography Program 2005-2016, and QCA Deputy
Director, 2001-2003, where she taught full time 1986-2016.

Katie Fitzpatrick

All things nature, the universe and beautiful words.

Paul Fletcher

I have a fascination with nature, technology, visual and sonic artwork.

My artwork has been exhibited internationally including Anima Mundi, Ars Electronica, PuntoYRaya, Zagreb Animafest, Centre for Visual Music.

The connecting thread through all my artwork is the sharing of connections, observation, and awareness of nature as part of ourselves, inseparable, and interdependent.

Judith Floyd

I was born in a country town in Western Victoria. After my professional training as a nurse in Melbourne I  entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, an international women’s community. I have been privileged  to experience many cultures in my 60 yrs as a catholic nun and  meet many wonderful people.

In latter years my love of art and writing has helped me contribute to raising  awareness in environmental and justice issues.

Mary Forbes

I live on a farm on Gumbaynggirr country, where I love riding my horse alone in the bush, deepening my connection with Nature.

I am a self-taught artist working with a disability, a debilitating illness that has disrupted my career.

My work has been selected for group exhibitions at Coffs Harbour and Grafton Regional Galleries.

Graeme Gibson

Graeme Gibson has a background in adult learning and community development. Most of his writing is non-fiction with a focus on nature, community, politics & their intersection. He presents Life Writing workshops and is planning a dedicated foray into nature writing. This will include an eco-biography of a local river, bringing art and science together in word and image.

Karen Hopkins

I have a back ground in education and been a professional artist for over 20 years.

Nature and the landscape and the interconnectedness of all life are a constant inspiration to me.I paint create sculptures and write poetry and also have experience in eco-art mural painting, exhibition curation and gallery management. Through my art, I aim to bring people closer to nature to appreciate and respect the stories colors shapes and essence that it has to offer and take the viewer on a journey to the deeper levels that connect us all.

This selection of works are inspired by the beauty and the fragility of life on earth, and the importance of living together with care and respect for the earth and all life in an everchanging world

Ruari Jack Hughes

Born in Sydney; lived all over Australia; spent many years in New Zealand and Zimbabwe; a few months in Singapore.

Writes poetry, fiction and drama; published in Australia and seven other countries.

Frequent themes in his writing include: memory; the accidental nature of life; longing for love to be always there; believing tomorrow will still hold hope.

Simon Kerr

Simon Kerr is a musician, climate thinker and writer. He leads the multimedia climate project Music for a Warming World and the Musicians Climate Crisis Network. Simon trained in Sociology and Philosophy, has a MApplSc (Natural Resource Management) and PhD (Political Ecology). He is an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University and also works on a long-term research program on the Murray-Darling basin.

Athena Lathouras

Tina Lathouras is a Senior Lecturer in the Social Work at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Drawing from critical approaches to community development, she seeks to investigate, support and theorise citizenship and collective action working for social justice and human rights. Her current research includes narrative practices and the Arts as a vehicle for critical reflection and social change.

Sharyn Munro

Sharyn Munro is an award-winning short story writer, author of four books, and ‘literary activist’, who aims to reach beyond the converted with her personal form of environmental writing. She received the 2014 NSW Nature Conservation Council’s Dunphy Award for ‘The most outstanding environmental effort of an individual’ and has run a nature blog since 2007.

Jenny Pollak

In 2012, after more than twenty years as a full time artist focused in photography, sculpture and video installation, I began a dedicated poetry practice. You can find my poetry in various journals and anthologies, including Meanjin; the Cordite Poetry Review; the Australian Poetry Journal; Red Room Poetry; Plumwood Mountain; the Canberra Times; Verity La; and Australian Award Winning Writing.

Nadine Schmoll

Nadine Schmoll is an artist and educator whose interdisciplinary practice spans art and science to explore plant, animal and human interconnections. Nadine creates sculpture, installation, photography and wearable art to engage with themes of symbiosis, resilience, community and sustainability. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education and has over ten years experience as a museum and arts educator.

Pat Simmons

Pat lives at Scarborough, NSW. She’s a writer of poetry, short stories, flash fiction and children’s picture books.

Her poetry for children has been published in School Magazine and has won competitions in Australia and the UK.

Andrew Skeoch

Andrew is an educator, naturalist, environmental thinker, and one of Australia’s bestknown
nature sound recordists. His presentations seek to address the fundamental questions of our human relationship with the living biosphere, and have been given at TedX, on ABC Radio’s ‘Big Ideas’, and to academic and community audiences.

Cari Taylor

A voice for the Living System of creation revealing the foundations, philosophy and ethics of life’s sacred systems. A return to this eternal system, to the initiates way, seeded on natural laws that seeks balance for people place planet holds a process that. asks us to dive into our own transformation from awareness to realisation to actualisation.

Moran Wiesel

Moran Wiesel is an ecotherapist, musician, and wordsmith. As Earth Enspiralled, Moran offers earth-connection, holistic counselling, collective healing, and sound therapy sessions. As an award winning storyteller, spoken word poet, and editor of Chain Reaction, Moran is passionate about the power of words and ideas in tangling our relationship with Earth.

About the Anthology

The Earthwords and Artlings Anthology (‘the Earthwords Anthology’) provides a platform for emerging and established Australian creatives to exhibit work designed to reflect, lament, provoke, celebrate and challenge our ideas about ourselves and our relationships with other life and life supporting systems on our fragile planet.

The theme for our second Earthwords Anthology is:
Tipping Points

The theme for the Earthwords Anthology Volume 2, “Tipping Points”, invites the exploration of the social and ecological spaces at the precipice of change, whether the threshold has just been encountered, retreated from, or passed long ago. And whether the encounter is momentous and calamitous, or banal and unremarkable, “Tipping Points” provides an open provocation for creative musings about the places, socio-ecological relationships, and timelines that we find ourselves in . . . or perhaps yearn for.

The Earthwords Anthology values and celebrates creative pieces that are optimistic and that reflect the hope, gratitude, wonder and possibility needed to envision a positive future for our planet. In saying this, we encourage creatives to explore the emotional complexities of earth-centred concepts, however, the Earthwords Anthology ultimately aims to be a space for the celebration of nature and the betterment of our earth.

For further enquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Previous Volume

Earthwords & Artlings: Voices of Nature

The theme for the debut Earthwords & Artlings Anthology is “Voices of Nature”.

Read about the 2020 Earthwords & Artlings Anthology or download the 2020 anthology here.

Anthology Editorial Team

Dr Michelle Maloney

Dr Michelle Maloney

Michelle is a lawyer, governance expert and systems change/social change maker. Michelle is the Co-Founder & National Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), an organisation that works across disciplines to promote the understanding and practical implementation of Earth centred governance – with a focus on law, economics, ethics, education, spirituality and the arts (

Michelle manages AELA’s Earth Arts Program, and regularly collaborates with visual, sound and performance artists.  Michelle is also Co-Founder and Director of the New Economy Network Australia ( and Co-Founder and Director of Future Dreaming Australia, a not-for-profit organisation created in partnership with First Nations Elders, aimed at building cross-cultural ecological knowledge and creating an Earth centred society (

View Michelle’s profile and publications.

James Lee

James K Lee

James Lee has a background in art, music and film studies (BMus, WAAPA; GDScreenComp, AFTRS) and holds a Master of Environmental Management (MEM) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). James is a Project Manager and Director with the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and works on ecological governance and Earth Arts projects. He has a strong interest in interdisciplinary approaches to addressing ecological challenges and exploring the role that cultural practices can play in informing and supporting Earth-centred governance.

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