Exploring the Voices of Nature

Voices of Nature 2020 Public Lecture and Workshop Series

Thursday 10 September 2020 from 12 noon AEST

Please join us for a fascinating discussion + visual and acoustic experience, as we share insights into the “Voices of Nature 2020” Arts Program, being hosted by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) in partnership with the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology (AFAE).


‘Voices of Nature 2020’ brings together acoustic ecology and visual arts communities, to encourage the exploration of the concepts of voice, standing, representation, and agency of the natural world within human governance systems. The exhibition is part of the biennial Rights of Nature week, hosted by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA).

The Rights of Nature movement is grounded in the recognition that humanity is just one member of the wider Earth community, and that we have evolved with, and are dependent upon, a healthy, interconnected web of life on Earth. Rights of Nature laws and new governance systems are emerging around the world.Other events celebrating the Rights of Nature week include AELA’s International Earth Laws Conference – “Earth Laws Asia Pacific: Earth, Sea, Fire, Spirit” (October 14 -16) the Australian Peoples’ Tribunal for Community and Nature’s Rights, (October 17) and the Voices of Nature Public Lecture Series, being hosted from September to October 2020.

Visit: www.eartharts.org.au for more details.


DR MICHELLE MALONEY (AELA) – an environmental lawyer and co-founder/convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance, will introduce the concepts of Earth jurisprudence and “Rights of Nature”, and discuss why the arts are so critical to transforming our legal and governance systems away from a human centred, growth-focussed paradigm, and toward Earth centred approaches that support life on earth.

JAMES LEE (AELA) – musician and sustainability practitioner, will provide insights into the role of the arts and creativity in supporting AELA’s work, and exploring our relationship with the living world.

MARIAN DREW – photographer and co-convenor of the AELA Earth Arts Collective will share insights into the visual arts featured in the Voices of Nature National Exhibition, and discuss the exciting collaborations taking place between sound artists and visual artists.

LEAH BARCLAY – sound artist, composer and researcher, is known for acoustic ecology, environmental field recording and sound walks. She is the president of the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology, and is a lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She specialises in eco-acoustics, acoustic ecology and creative technologies for conservation and climate action. Leah will discuss the role of acoustic ecology in raising awareness of, and supporting advocacy for, the living world.

** The session will finish with Leah sharing inspiring sound recordings from her extensive body of works **

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