Voices of Nature 2020 Virtual Gallery

AELA’s Voices of Nature 2020 Arts Program invites artists and creatives to submit images, audio and videos from around Australia to be presented here, in our Virtual Gallery.

Find out how to participate in the Virtual Gallery.

AELA is proud to be working with Arts Front on the Voices of Nature 2020 program, to bring deeper connectivity, collaborative possibilities, and impact reporting across AELA’s Earth Arts Collective and the wider, Australian arts and cultural sector.

To participate in the Virtual Gallery:

  • Please read about the themes of Voices of Nature 2020. All Voices of Nature 2020 creative works and Local Events need to incorporate one or more of the inter-connected themes of Voices of Nature 2020.
  • Then please submit an Expression of Interest form, telling us about the art work/s you’d like to share on the Virtual Gallery, and explaining how they connect with the themes of Voices of Nature 2020.

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