Daniela Wilken-Jones

The human race is by its very nature intertwined with the environment that surrounds them, interdependent and interconnected with every aspect whether or not they are consciously aware of this connection, on a day to day basis. All living beings are connected through the air they breath, the water they drink, the earth and its elements, the forces of gravity, the seasons and the primary producers who supply the basis for all life on the planet. This is an undeniable fact however, it is often taken for granted and left under protected by the highly conscious beings who hold the key to the voices of those who cannot speak up for themselves – ‘humans’.

Nature Connections explores the ability for humans to connect to the present moment through nature and their breath using mindfulness techniques and allows the possibility for increased stewardship of environmental values through the simple act of being present, thereby providing opportunities within any moment to become aware and appreciative of the natural world around them, right now, utilising all their senses and bringing peace and tranquillity to an increasingly busy human mind and existence.