Vicki Hallett

Vicki Hallett is a composer, versatile musician, sound artist, music practitioner and educator. She is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Arts in Music (clarinet) and the University of Melbourne with a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Music). Vicki has composed, produced and performed in live concerts, international conferences, solo recordings and videos ranging from chamber music to exploratory work with sound art, meditations and acoustic ecology. Through her unique approach of combining acoustic ecology, scientific analysis and innovative performance practices, Vicki reshapes the role of interdisciplinary research. This exploration has led Vicki to develop a collaborative concept, with Cornell University’s Elephant Listening Project. Vicki travels the world recording nature’s sounds as well as improvising in acoustically interesting environments including Mabolel Rock (South Africa) with a pod of Hippopotami. Her focus is to document and record the ever-diminishing habitats and species of our planet.

Photo credit: Ferne Millen Photography