What can we learn from Deep Listening to the natural world?

Date: September 19, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: Online (via Zoom)

Join us for a fascinating workshop about learning from the sounds of nature.

Nature is rich in acoustic communication. To make sense of what we hear requires listening skills and learning the languages of the natural world. This takes us on a journey of discovery into the sentient lives of creatures, and the interactions of species within habitats – relationships which embody the processes by which nature thrives, adapts and ensures the continuance of life.  Deep listening allows us to personally tune in to how nature achieves sustainability. These principles can be applied in our communities and social institutions to respond positively to the challenges we currently face.


Andrew Skeoch is an educator, naturalist, environmental thinker, and one of Australia’s best-known nature sound recordists.  In 1993, he established the independent label Listening Earth to publish immersive nature soundscape recordings, work which has since taken him around the world documenting the sounds of threatened ecosystems.  His presentations seek to address the fundamental questions of our human relationship with the living biosphere, and have been given at TedX, on ABC Radio’s ‘Big Ideas’, and to academic and community audiences.

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