Dawn Mills

I am a photographer & visual artist, living in the beautiful Darug & Gundungurra land of the Blue Mountains, NSW. I am inspired every day by my surroundings, the incredible wild landscapes, and the inhabitants of this, & other, rugged environments. My art is a reflection of who I am, where I am, what I see & feel; and I enjoy indulging my love of light, pattern, colour, and texture. I feel most alive when deep in the wilderness, walking, drawing, photographing, and simply being. I have so much more to learn and this excites me. I have exhibited at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, NSW Parliament House, and the Nature Conservancy. My work background as an occupational therapist has fostered my holistic view of life, taught me to witness & be open to others, with empathy, & to work together to promote adaptation to illness or disability, to regain independence. My spiritual path is based on non-duality, that we are all one, and one with the planet. I humbly acknowledge Mother Earth, my relationship to her, and my place in the great circle of life. This philosophy, combined with my professional and artistic background, & my respect for the earth, inform the way I live.