RONA18 Themes

All RONA18 works and Regional Responses, need to incorporate one or more of the following inter-connected themes:

Reveal, reflect and critique the current flawed paradigm of western law, which:
Imagine and create the paradigm we are proposing – Earth laws and rights of nature:
Privileges humans over other forms of life Humans are one part of nature – interconnected, interdependent with the Earth Community
Has created governance systems that do not reflect how the natural world works Human governance systems respect bio-regional health and live within ecological limits
Is built on the idea that humans ‘own’ nature – nature is property, objectified, commodified (bought and sold), caged, fenced, destroyed Non-human agency is vital, the non-human world belongs to no-one; vibrant biodiversity is critical to life on earth
Gives ‘rights’ to humans and human created fictions – corporations, ships. While plants, animals, ecosystems have no rights, are often invisible in the eyes of the law All life and life supporting systems on Earth have “a right to exist, thrive and evolve”
Privileges western legal, scientific and evidentiary frameworks of knowledge Respects indigenous knowledge, human ‘lived’ experience, emotional and spiritual connections
Legalises the destruction of vital ecosystems and life support systems Holds all life sacred and balances reasonable human needs with the rights of the natural world to exist and evolve; would never prize human wants over ecosystem destruction

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