Artist Licencing Agreement

This Artist Licencing Agreement (“Agreement”) is between the artist (the “Artist” or “Artists”) and the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (“AELA”). The Agreement covers the conditions for submitting images, graphics, creative writing, multimedia, video, sound, and music works (“Artworks”) for inclusion in AELA’s Earth Arts program.

The Artist(s) confirm(s) that the Artwork(s) submitted are works that they legally own and have authority to share.

The copyright and ownership of all Artworks remains with the Artist and AELA makes no claims of ownership.

All artworks are submitted and retained under a non-exclusive licence to AELA, permitting AELA to retain, host, promote and display the Artwork(s).

Artwork(s) will be displayed on AELA’s Earth Arts website ( in accordance with the above licencing conditions. Artworks may also be used on AELA’s parent website (, and associated publications, including newsletters and catalogues, for the limited purpose of promoting AELA’s Earth Arts Program, Earth Arts events, Earth Arts Artists, or to promote and support the mission of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance.

The Artist(s), as owners of their Artwork(s), is free to use, share and distribute their work(s) elsewhere as they see fit, without interference from AELA.

The Artist(s) can withdraw from the non-exclusive licence at any time, and AELA will remove the Artist(s) Artworks from all AELA websites and associated materials as required.

Artwork(s) used for any purpose not directly related to the present and future promotion of AELA’s Earth Arts Program, Earth Arts events, Earth Arts Artists, or in support of the mission of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance must be with the express permission of the Artist(s).

AELA will not sell or reproduce Artists’ Artworks for commercial purposes. Any commercial relationship will demand a separately negotiated Agreement between the Artist(s) and AELA, and such arrangements are not covered under the present Agreement.


Australian Earth Laws Alliance

Last updated: 29 Jul 2022

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