RONA18 Arts Program

RONA18 – “Rights of Nature Australia 2018” – is a national arts celebration, organised by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA). The National Exhibition will run from October 23-28 in Brisbane, in conjunction with AELA’s week of exploring and celebrating the Rights of Nature. See the RONA18 poster for event details.

RONA18 has been designed to promote cultural engagement with the emerging, global, Rights of Nature movement, and to celebrate the Australia Peoples Tribunal for Community and Nature’s Rights, which is being held on Saturday 27th October 2018 in Brisbane.  AELA’s intention is to blend the creative re-interpretation of environmental governance with cultural responses to the rights of the natural world to exist, thrive and evolve. Find out more about the 2018 Australian Peoples Tribunal.

You can participate in RONA18 in several ways: by connecting with our National RONA18 Exhibition, organising a RONA18 Regional Response or sharing your work on our Virtual Gallery.

How you can get involved in RONA18

RONA18 invites people to participate in a creative exploration of the intrinsic value of the natural world, and to challenge the human-centred governance systems that dominate industrialised societies.  This year’s arts program is particularly focussing on food systems in Australia, and how our food production and distribution systems can either destroy, or support, the living world.

Read about the RONA18 Themes.

RONA18 National Exhibition, 22 – 28 October

The RONA18 National Exhibition will be hosted at the Spring Hill Reservoir in Brisbane, from October 22 – 28, in the lead up to the Peoples Tribunal. The Exhibition will connect with the themes of the 2018 Peoples’ Tribunal, which is examining the impact of industrialised food systems on the natural world. (Read more about the issues being examined by the Tribunal).

The National Exhibition will feature works from artists investigating themes of agency, in relation to existing and future food production and distribution systems. These works will reveal, reflect and critique the current flaws in the western legal system that are disabling us from making purposeful choices and taking action to support the transition to earth-centred governance. The exhibition will also record and celebrate the transformations taking place that are assisting us.

Find more information about the National Exhibition, or contact directly for information about the National Exhibition.

RONA18 Regional Responses

Everyone’s invited to host an exhibition, performance or event in your community, and be part of our network of regional activities

An important part of RONA18 is our invitation to everyone, to host creative events and activities in their town or region.

Artists and creatives, arts centres, community groups, school groups and interested members of the community are invited to host art exhibitions, plays, storytelling sessions, performances, ‘creative conversations’ (eg dinner parties, BBQs) and other creative events to celebrate the Rights of Nature in 2018.

To participate:

  • Please tell us about your proposed exhibition, event or activity by filling out our RONA18 Regional Response Event Form.
  • When you fill out your RONA18 Regional Response Event Form, make sure you tell us how your proposed event will address the RONA18 themes.
  • Please consider hosting your event or activity in the month of October if you have not already scheduled it. Let us know if you plan to host your activities or events on the day of the Rights of Nature Tribunal (Saturday 27 October 2018) and you can live-stream the Tribunal discussions to your event.
  • We’ll get back to you within ten working days after receiving your application to confirm your participation. All Regional Responses will be promoted on our RONA18 Virtual Gallery.

Email for further information.
Apply here

RONA18 Virtual Art Gallery

If you are an individual or collective who’d like to participate by sharing your work on the RONA18 website, rather than holding an event, please fill out the RONA18 Virtual Participation Form.
Apply here

What AELA will provide

All events endorsed by AELA for RONA18 are self-hosted and self-funded events, with AELA providing the following support:

  • An Earth Arts Curator to help with information and promotion
  • Information about the Rights of Nature and the Rights of Nature Tribunal
  • Website and social media space for promoting exhibitions and events
  • Promotional support of all RONA18 events through e-newsletters, publications and social media e-blasts

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